Holy trinity brompton homosexuality - Holy Trinity Brompton, the evangelical HQ that claims the new primate as one of its own

Brian Houston, the senior pastor of Hillsong Church has rejected reports which suggest the church group has softened its stance...

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  • Nicky Gumbel interview transcript | Adam Rutherford | Opinion | The Guardian
  • Hillsong reiterates stance on homosexuality and gay marriage
  • Then there is the gay question: for all the unstuffiness, HTB is as strict on homosexuality...
  • Ok, would you mind stating your name and who you are, so we have it...

On the way, I went into a second-hand book fount on Kensington Church Street. I picked out a bestseller called The Revelations , thinking it was about inner experiences. It turned out to be a novel approximately someone who lives on Ken Church Street, who goes to a church based on HTB, which turns over to be a sinister cult.

So I bought it and read it. Participants have a meal, sing some Christian rock songs, listen to a talk by David, then go downstairs to have a discussion in little groups. The Performance also has a financier-figure called the Earl Ken Costa who builds lucrative connections with the City.

The writer, Alex Preston, did English at Oxford shortly after me, then left to work in the City, like me.

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But the modest setting is just about the only thing that is low-key about HTB.
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Sally LENAGaffney / USAGumbel is the founder of the Alpha course, widely used as an introduction to Christianity, and also prominent at Holy Trinity Brompton, one of the biggest Evangelical churches in the Church of England. The book is intended to answer the seven most common questions raised on the Alpha course and includes a chapter on homosexuality.Jump Ropingfollow...
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Nicky Gumbel, evangelicals and homosexuality – Magistra et Mater

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Spectator Life - Life. When the announcement was made that Justin Welby, a disciple of the Alpha course, was to become the th Archbishop of Canterbury, his Alpha brethren did not punch the air in triumph.

Not publicly, in any case. Nicky Gumbel, vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton and the man who turned Alpha into a global phenomenon, made a point of keeping a low profile, travelling abroad on various missions. But for all His mysteries, it can hardly be ascribed to coincidence that the head of the Church of England has come from the slickest, richest and fastest-growing division the church has ever seen.

It was founded in by Charles Marnham, and grew under Gumbel during the s. If, 30 years ago, you had predicted that the Archbishop of Canterbury would one day be HTB positive as it is known , the scoffing would have been heard in Rome.

Stephen Glover and Charles Moore hail him as the man who can bring unity to the church, while Andrew Brown of the Guardian has applauded his attempts to address homophobia. The term has connotations of, at best, a goofy Ned Flanders naivety, and, at worst, a brainwashing cult that expects 50 per cent of your salary in the collection bowl. But evangelising is what they do.

I was just having a go at saying, 'I'm not sure that is the case. It is those who have the religious freedom to choose sexual intercourse who are best placed to chose to abstain from it. Justin Welby interviewed by Michael Gove The Archbishop of Canterbury talks about faith, politics, and whether he'd attend if one of his children had a gay marriage ceremony Michael Gove. Yes giving up on all your dreams of love and pleasure and relationship is probably the hardest thing that any person will face in life life but nevertheless Jesus did say to take up our cross and follow him yes the road is narrow.

Ok, just to get some background, tell me about the origins of Alpha in the 70s first, but also your role in taking over its running. Do you see any effect of his work and this growing movement of free-thinkers or atheism?

Where history, religion and...
Sexually attracted to first cousin Sun, 14 May by Keith Porteous Wood. Keith Porteous Wood argues that, with the CofE's...
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Good intentions, Andrew Carey suggests, get submerged in the detail. Though it has spread out from this particular church in one of the swankiest postcodes in London to parishes in more deprived boroughs, the impression remains that it is best suited to the young and well-heeled.

That social involvement — from support for food banks to providing a welcome for refugees — has been interpreted by some critics of the church as evidence of a leftward political drift. Listening to the archbishop, you get the sense that he is never calculating who might be offended, or attracted, by his words.

They were locked up, they were stoned. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury generously admitted to an audience as reported "I am constantly consumed with horror at the way the Church has treated gay people". More North of England.

It talks about Jesus from Day One. So, in its inception, the term, I don't know if you actually use it, but many people talk about 'de-churched people'… people who, like me, come from a Christian cultural background, who maybe went to a Christian school, or have Christianity within their family, but are no longer churchgoers; these people may consider themselves to be Christians or, like me, atheists, but they have an understanding of who Jesus was and how Christianity basically works.

I know it has a lot of support from our bishops. There are lots of choruses and bands, all of which will make it feel very familiar to the younger age-group just back from a music festival. You cannot isolate and say, this is Alpha's attitude.

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