Homosexual law reform in australia - Timeline: 22 years between first and last Australian states decriminalising male homosexuality

State and territory governments adopt variations of the UK's anti-homosexual laws. This focuses attention in the state on gay rights and police violence. The Advertiser newspaper calls for...

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In Tasmania became the last Australian state to decriminalise sex between consenting adult men in private. This fact taken alone suggests that gay law reform in Tasmania was remarkable for no other reason than it arrived so late. In fact there was much more that was remarkable about a social debate that echoed across the country and around the world.

The first calls for the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Tasmania occurred in the mids with the formation of the Tasmanian Homosexual Law Reform Group in Launceston and the coming out of a Launceston-based doctor and environmentalist, Dr Bob Brown.

Hopes of reform were heightened by a favourable report from the state's Victimless Crimes Committee in , but dashed soon after by an indifferent state Labor government. In the intervening years the Tasmanian Green movement, led by Brown, had reshaped progressive politics in Tasmania by successfully appealing to international tribunals, and to local and national public opinion through high-profile media and civil disobedience campaigns.

It was no coincidence that gay and lesbian activists followed a similar route. Within months of the formation of the TGLRG, a Hobart City Council ban on the Group's stall at Salamanca Market prompted weekly protests and arrests that grew into Australia's largest-ever gay rights civil disobedience leading, in turn, to a Council backdown.

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  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in Australia have advanced since the .. The reforms ensured that, for the...
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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT rights in Australia have advanced since the late-twentieth century to the point where LGBT people in Australia are protected from discrimination and enjoy the same rights and responsibilities as heterosexuals.
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Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act 545

However, Gorton's motion had no legal effect as the legality of homosexuality was a matter for state and territory governments. Tasmanian media legends honoured for ground-breaking work Hundreds of barnacle-covered shopping trolleys removed from underwater graveyard NT Speaker admits staffer interfered in creation of political party Trump says he's finished his answers for Mueller but hasn't submitted them yet.

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Homosexual law reform in australia

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– The British colonise Australia and import their legal system, including – Homosexual Law Reform Society forms in Canberra. The current status of laws addressing homosexuality are discussed, particularly the treatment...