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Schroeder, MD; Hallie K. To determine the prevalence of domestic violence among female patients and to identify clinical characteristics that are associated with...

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Much remains to be learned about conversion disorder and the interplay of factors that give rise to symptoms. Subscribe to Annals of Internal Medicine. He was otherwise well. Sign In Set Up Account. Please Choose One of the Following Options.

However, our patient's symptoms of prosopagnosia and a specific language impairment are more unusual in that they are relatively discreet deficits which indicate dysfunction of two apparently distinct systems:

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By contrast, Muhammad Ali triggered a feeling of recognition in our patient but it took a significant length of time during which three other photos were discussed before he was correctly identified. Though face recognition and identification requires the integration of information from an extended network that includes the orbitofrontal cortex, inferior frontal gyrus, posterior cingulate, and inferior occipital gyri, acquired prosopagnosia may be localised to disruption of the fusiform face area temporal lobe and the superior temporal sulcus [ 20 ].

Case A year-old right-handed male is referred to a memory clinic with a three-year history of impaired facial recognition and language difficulties. Similarly, a photo of Humphrey Bogart with his hat tilted at a jaunty angle was tentatively proposed to be a member of the Rat Pack.

Case A year-old male presented with acquired prosopagnosia and language impairment. Conversion disorder commonly presents with a loss of motor or sensory function, for example, limb paralysis or blindness. Dissociative experiences and disorders among women who identify themselves as sexual abuse survivors.

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