Frank ocean letter about his sexuality - A Close Look At Frank Ocean's Coming Out Letter

A good album gives you something to bop to repeatedly for weeks, but a great album is timeless, genre-defying and ultimately changes the very fabric of the music...

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Borghild Project It was the middle of the night, and I turned...
Sloppy seconds The singer and songwriter Frank Ocean, whose first full-length studio album, Channel Orange , will...
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  • A Close Look At Frank Ocean's Coming Out Letter : The Record : NPR
  • Frank Ocean posted a heartfelt letter early Wednesday morning July 4 on his...
  • Frank Ocean Opens Up About His Sexuality

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Five Years Later, Frank Ocean's Queer Legacy on 'Channel Orange' Endures

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There is a lineage of African American artists who've presented broader definitions of sexuality through their songs and their public personalities, as well, though homophobia has certainly kept many more from living fully honest lives.

All wanting to be seen, touched, paid attention to. In the age-old debate about whether sexuality emerges as something we are or through something we want or do, Ocean carefully rested on the side of feeling and deed. His phrasing, which did not commit to the strict confines of gayness, was read by some as wishy-washy cowardice, but I like to think of it as a landmark moment for anyone who has a blurrier, more fluid vision of their own identity.

But it's in the measured, muted response to Ocean's standalone song about bisexuality that hip-hop post- Channel Orange progress is most apparent. It was my first love, it changed my life [ Especially black music, which has long been in desperate need of a voice like Ocean's to break the layers of homophobia.

Frank Ocean comes out about his sexuality

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